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  1.The policeman asked him to point out the criminal.






  2.It will be rather difficult to complete the task on time.






  3.Breaking Mary’s doll was purely accidental.






  4.The theater is large enough to seat 200 people.






  5.Fruit prices fluctuate according to the need of the market.






  Heartbeat of America

  1. New York - the Statue of Liberty, the skyscrapers, the beautiful shops on Fifth Avenue and the many theaters on Broadway. This is America’s cultural capital. It is also her biggest city, with a population of nearly 8 million. In the summer it is hot, hot, hot and in the winter it can be very cold. Still there are hundreds of things to do and see all the year round.

  2. Manhattan is the real center of the city. When people say “New York City,” they usually mean Manhattan. Most of the interesting shops, buildings and museums are here. In addition, Manhattan is the scene of New York’s busy night life. In 1605 the first Europeans came to Manhattan from Holland. They bought the island from the Native Americans for a few glass necklaces worth about $26 today.

  3. Wall street in Manhattan is the financial heart of the USA. It is also the most important banking center in the world. It is a street of “skyscrapers.” These are those incredible, high buildings, which Americans invented, and built faster and higher than anyone else. Perhaps the two most spectacular skyscrapers in New York are the two towers of the New York World Trade Center. When the sun sets, their 110 floors shine like pure gold.

  4. Like every big city, New York has its own traffic system. Traffic jams can be terrible. It’s usually quickest to go by subway. The New York subway is easy to use and quite cheap. The subway goes to almost every corner of Manhattan. But it is not safe to take the subway late at night because in some places you could get robbed. New York buses are also easy to use. You see more if you go by bus. There are more than 30,000 taxis in New York. They are easy to see, because they are bright yellow and carry large TAXI signs. Taxis do not go outside the city. However, they will go to the airports. In addition to the taxi fare, people give the taxi driver a tip of 15 percent of the fare’s value.

  5. Central Park is a beautiful green oasis in the middle of New York’s concrete desert. It is surprisingly big, with lakes and woods, as well as organized recreation areas. New Yorkers love Central Park, and they use it all the time. In the winter, they go ice-skating, and in the summer roller-skating. They play ball, ride horses and have picnics. They go bicycling and boating. There is even a children’s zoo, with wild birds and animals.

  6. Along the east side of Central Park runs Fifth Avenue, once called “Millionaire’s Row.” In the 19th century, the richest men in America built their magnificent homes here. It is still the most fashionable street in the city, with famous department stores.

  7. Broadway is the street where you will find New York’s best-known theaters. But away from the bright lights and elegant clothes of Broadway are many smaller theaters. Their plays are called “off-Broad-way” and are often more unusual than the Broadway shows. As well as many theaters, New York has a famous opera house. This is the Metropolitan, where international stars sing from September until April. Carnegie Hall is the city’s more popular concert hall. But night life in New York offers more than classical music and theater. There are hundreds of nightclubs where people go to eat and dance.

  1. Paragraph 3______

  2. Paragraph 4______

  3. Paragraph 5______

  4. Paragraph 6______

  A The Financial Center of USA

  B The Night Life in New York

  C The Traffic Facilities of New York

  D Shopping Center for the Rich

  E New York - An International City

  F Central Park - A Place of Recreation for the New Yorkers

  5. The island of Manhattan was bought by the Hollanders from the native Americans______ .

  6. Central Park is a good place where the New Yorkers can go and______ .

  7. Fifth Avenue is the place______ .

  8. For those play-lovers who are interested in what is unusual, the small theaters might be more attractive______ .

  A do whatever they like for relaxation

  B where you can play all kinds of ball games

  C than the world famous Broadway

  D enjoy the colorful night life of the city

  E where the wealthy people would go shopping

  F for what seems to be a very small sum today

  「正确答案」1-4 ACFD 5-8 FAEC


  1. 如果段首句和或段尾句是观点句,可借助段首句和或段尾句的句意判断答案;

  2. 借助段落中反复出现的核心词/核心结构判断答案;

  3. 如果段落中有举例的内容,可参考举例内容判断答案;

  4. 注意段落中出现的观点句(观点句中有时出现这样的一些结构: to sum up (adv.总之, 总而言之); in a word (adv.总之), in conclusion (adv.最后, 总之)等或内容上提到“……研究发现……”, “.某某研究者发现……”),转折句(往往句子中出现“but, however, although, though, nevertheless”等词),因为这些句子可能就是段落的中心句,可参考这些句子句意判断答案。


  1. A 本段讲的是有关华尔街的情况,华尔街是美国的金融中心。

  2. C 这一段介绍了纽约的交通设施,如地铁、公共汽车和出租车,以及乘坐时应该注意的地方。

  3. F 第五段集中介绍了中央公园。

  4. D 这一段不长,简单地介绍了纽约的第五大街,这是富人的购物天堂。

  5. F 原句在语法上已经完整,填入的部分是有关价格的,当时荷兰人买下曼哈顿的价钱在今天看来仅是个微不足道的小数。表示价格用介词for, 这里for的后面跟的是what引导的名词性从句。

  6. A 这里填入的是和动词go并列的成分,在所给的六个选项中符合条件的只有A和D ,但从意义上看应该填入的是A.

  7. E place提示了后面很有可能是一个用where引导的定语从句,在六个选项中有两个用where开始的从句,但B的意义显然不符,故应该选E.

  8. C 句中的more attractive提示了后面很可能有用than引导的从句。

  Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

  What happens if you don’t get enough sleep? Randy Gardner, a high school student in the United States, wanted to find out. He designed an experiment on the effects of sleeplessness for a school science project. With doctors watching him carefully, Gardner stayed awake for 264 hours and 12 minutes. That’s eleven days and nights without sleep.

  What effect did sleeplessness have on Gardner? After 24 hours without sleep, Gardner started having trouble reading and watching television. The words and pictures were too blurry (模糊). By the third day, he was having trouble doing things with his hands. By the fourth day, Gardner was hallucinating(产生幻觉). For example, when he saw a feet sign, he thought it was a person. He also imagines he was a famous football player. After the next few days, Gardner’s speech became so slurred(不清楚)that people couldn’t understand him. He also had trouble remembering things. By the eleventh day, Gardner couldn’t pass a counting test. In the middle of the test he simply stopped. He couldn’t remember what he was doing.

  Then Gardner finally went to bed, he slept for 14 hours and 45 minutes. The second day he slept twelve hours, the third night he slept for ten and one-half hours, and by the fourth night, he had returned to his normal sleep schedule.

  Though Gardner recovered quickly, scientists believe that going without sleep gerous. They say that people should not repeat Randy’s experiment. Tests on Gardner have shown how serious sleeplessness can be. After a few weeks without-started losing their fur(皮毛). And even though the rats ate more food than weight. Eventually the rats died.

  During your lifetime, you will probably spend 25 years or more sleeping. But why purpose of sleep? Surprisingly, scientists don’t know for sure. Some sleep in order to replenish(补充)brain cells. Other scientists think body to grow and to relieve stress. Whatever the reason, we know enough sleep.

  16. Randy Gardner studied the effects of over over-sleeping.

  A Right B Wrong C Not Mentioned

  17. During the experiment, Gardner slept for two hours every night.

  A Right B Wrong C Not Mentioned

  18. During the experiment, Gardner had trouble speaking clearly.

  A Right B Wrong C Not Mentioned

  19.It took four days for Gardner to recover from the experiment.

  A Right B Wrong C Not Mentioned

  20. Going without sleep is not dangerous for white rats.

  A Right B Wrong C Not Mentioned

  21. Scientists are not sure why we need sleep.

  A Right B Wrong C Not Mentioned

  22. People sleep less than they used to.

  A Right B Wrong C Not Mentioned


  New U.S.Plan for Disease Prevention

  Urging Americans to take responsibility for their health, Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson on Tuesday launched a $15 million program to try to encourage communities to do more to prevent chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

  The initiative highlights the cost of chronic diseases 一 the leading causes of death in the United States — and outlines ways that people can prevent them, including better diet and increased exercise.

  “In the United States today, 7 of 10 deaths and the vast majority of serious illness, disability and health care costs are caused by chronic diseases,”the Health and Human Services Department said in a statement.   The causes are often behaviora — smoking, poor eating habits and a lack of exercise.

  “I am convinced that preventing disease by promoting better health is a smart policy choice for our future,”Thompson told a conference held to launch the initiatiative.

  “Our current health care system is not structured to deal with the escalating costs of treating diseases that are largely preventable through changes in our lifestyle choices.”   Thompson said heart disease and strokes will cost the country more than $351 billion in 2003.

  “These leading causes of death for men and women are largely preventable, yet we as a nation are not taking the steps necessary for US to lead healthier, longer lives,”he said.

  The $15 million is slated to go to communities to promote prevention, pushing for changes as simple as building sidewalks to encourage people to walk more.

  Daily exercise such as walking can prevent and even reverse heart disease and diabetes, and prevent cancer and strokes.   The money will also go to community organizations, clinics and nutritionists who are being encouraged to work together to educate people at risk of diabetes about what they can do to prevent it and encourage more cancer screening.

  The American Cancer Society estimates that half of all cancers can be caught by screening, including Pap tests for cervical cancer, mammograms for breast cancer, colonoscopies, and prostate checks.

  If such cancers were all caught by early screening, the group estimates that the survival rate for cancer would rise to 95 percent.

  1. Which of the following is NOT true of chronic diseases in the US?

  A)They account for 70% of all deaths.

  B)They are responsible for most of the health care costs.

  C)They often result in unhealthy lifestyles.

  D)They are largely preventable.

  2. The author mentions all the following as ways of disease prevention EXCEPT

  A)better diet.

  B)increased exercise.

  C)reduction on smoking.

  D)higher survival rate for cancer.

  3. The article indicates that more money spent on disease prevention will mean ______ .

  A)greater responsibility of the government

  B)much less money needed for disease treatment

  C)higher costs of health care

  D)more 1ifestyle choices for people

  4. The $15 million program is aimed at ______ .

  A)promoting disease prevention

  B)building more sidewalks

  C)helping needy communities

  D)wiping out chronic diseases

  5. Early cancer screening can help reduce significantly ______

  A)the death rates for all chronic diseases

  B)the kinds of cancer attacking people

  C)the cancer incidence rate

  D)cancer death rate


  Germs on Banknotes

  People in different countries use different types of 1 yuan in China, pesos in Mexico, pounds in the United Kingdom, dollars in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. They may use 2 currencies, but these countries, and probably all countries, still have one thing in common1: Germs on the banknotes.

  Scientists have been studying the germs on money for well over2 100 years. At the turn of the 20th 3 , some researchers began to suspect that germs living on money could spread disease.

  Most studies of germy money have looked at the germs on the currency 4 one country. In a new study, Frank Vriesekoop3 and other researchers compared the germ populations found on bills of different 5 .

  Vriesekoop3 is a microbiologist at the University of Ballarat in Australia4. He led the study, which compared the germ populations found on money 6 from 10 nations. The scientists studied 1,280 banknotes in total; all came from places where people buy food, like supermarkets street vendors and cafes, 7 those businesses often rely on cash.

  Overall, the Australian dollars hosted the fewest live bacteria ---- no more than 10 per square centimeter. Chinese yuan had the most ---- about 100 per square centimeter. Most of the germs on money probably would not cause harm.

  What we call “paper” money usually isn't made from paper. The U. S. dollar, for example, is printed on fabric that is mostly 8 .Different countries may use different 9 to print their money. Some of the currencies studied by Vriesekoop and his 10 such as the American dollar were made from cotton. Others were made from polymers.

  The three 11 with the lowest numbers of bacteria were all printed on polymers. They included the Australian dollar, the New Zealand dollar and some Mexican pesos.

  The other currencies were printed on fabric made 12 of cotton. Fewer germs lived on the polymer notes. This connection suggests that 13 have a harder time staying alive on polymer surfaces. Scientists need to do more studies to understand how germs live on money-----and whether or not we need to be concerned. Vnesekoop is now starting a study that will 14 the amounts of time bacteria can stay alive on different types of bills.

  Whatever Vriesekoop finds, the fact remains: Paper money harbors germs We should wash our 15 after touching it; after all5, you never know where your money 's been. Or what's living on it


  1. A coins B money C cheques D loans

  2. A different B clean C hard D foreign

  3. A anniversary B year C decade D century

  4. A along B with C within D outside

  5. A countries B areas C regions D provinces

  6. A delivered B borrowed C gathered D designed

  7. A because B though C when D where

  8. A plastic B rubber C cotton D paper

  9. A languages B colors C substances D materials

  10. A family B team C advisor D boss

  11. A expenses B banks C statements D currencies

  12. A nearly B mostly C likely D merely

  13. A dirt B water C germs D oil

  14. A compare B connect C conduct D command

  15. A arms B hands C face D clothes


  1.B 冒号后面说的是各国使用钱币的名称:“yuan in China ,pesos in Mexico,pounds in the United Kingdom ,dollars in the United States,Aus往'alia and New Zealand” ,所以填人的词必 定与这些钱币有关,而且应该是钱币的总括词。因此选 money 最为恰当。coins 是“硬币”,cheques 是“支票” ,loans是“贷款”,它们都不会是答案。

  2.A 本题的句子说的是:虽然各国使用的纸币各不相同,它们有一个共同点,那就是纸币上 有病菌。四个选项中 different 是答案。

  3.D 选century 最合理。选 anniversary (周年),year (年)或decade都不合逻辑。

  4.C 本段第二句提供了解答本题的线索。Frank Vriesekoop 的研究与以前的科学家的研究不同,他比较了各国钱币上的病菌数量, 在他之前的科学家的研究范围局限于一个国家的纸币。四个选项中只有 within 表达“在(一个国家)里”的意思。

  5. A 经过第四题选词的思索过程,本题的形容词很自然会在 different 之后用 countries,指不同的国家。

  6. C 上一句说 Vriesekoop 比较不同国家纸币携带病菌的数量。本题的句子明确指出他对比 的纸币涉及十个国家。四个选项中只有 gathered (收集)与上下文的意思相匹配。

  7. A填词所在的句子与前面的主句存在因果关系。为什么要从食品店和食品摊收集纸币呢?因为这些地方常要用现金支付。本题答案是 because。

  8. C fabric 是“织物”,其制作原料不会是 plastic(塑料)或 rubber( 橡胶)。选 paper 也不对, 因为本句是说明纸币的制作原料通常不是纸。制作 fabric 的原料是 cotton( 棉花),这是合乎常理的。而且该段倒数第二句也提供了答案。所以答案是 cotton。

  9.D 本段说纸币的材料一般不是纸,通常是用棉花织物或高分子聚合物制作的。所以选择materials( 材料、原料)是正确的。

  10. B 本题应当选 team。与 family (家庭成员),advisor (顾问)或 boss (老板)合作研究不是 没有可能,但总有些离谱。与团队合作研究比较合理。

  11. D 本段第二句提供了线索,它列出三种纸币,即 the Australian dollar ,the New Zealand dollar 和 some Mexican pesos。选 currencies 是最合理的。另外三个选项都不合适; expenses是“支出”,banks 是“银行” ,statements 是“账单”。

  12. B 本题只有选 mostly,上下文意思才连贯。

  13. C 前一句说用高分子聚合物制作的钱币含菌数量较少。本题的句子接着分析说,在高分子聚合物上存活较难。谁存活较难?当然是病菌。本题答案是germs0 dirt, water 和oil 是非生物,不存在生存的问题。

  14.A 四个选项填入句子后,句子成了: “…compare/connect/conduct/command the amounts of time bacteria can stay alive on different types of bills”, 很明显;connect (连接)/conduct (实施)/command(控制)amounts of time是无法成立的。只有compare(比较)不同纸币上病菌存活的时间才是Vriesekoop 要研究的新课题。

  15. B人们通常是用手接触纸币的。所以接触纸币后要洗手。答案是hands。

  Some Unusual Celebrations

  Some holidays are well-known all around the world. Among them are New Year’s Eve celebrations. Also common are days in honor of love and friendship, like Valentine’s Day. Each country has its own special holidays, too, often to mark important events in its schools, banks, and governments offices all close on days like these, ____(46). A few of them are really very strange.

  Of course, they are not strange to the people who celebrate them. Perhaps that is because the celebrations have long traditions. Consider April Fool’s Day, for example. No one knows when or why it began. Today it is celebrated in many countries—France, England and Australia, among others. On this day, people play practical jokes ____(47). The ones who laugh are the ones playing the jokes. The people they got angry. Does celebrating this day make sense to you?

  Day in Poland seems strange, too. On this day, it is traditional for boys to over the heads of girls. Here is the strangest part. They do it to girls they like. unusual celebrations take place in a single city or town. A holiday called La is celebrated in Bunol, Spain. Every year, in late August, big trucks carry more pounds of tomatoes into this little town. _____(48). For two hours, streets throw tomatoes at each other. Everyone ends up red from head to marks the start of the Puck Fair, an Irish festival with a very unusual from the town of Killorglin go up into the mountains and catch a wild ____(49).

  Also some celebrations that are really strange. In the United States, person gets an idea for a new holiday and tries to get others to accept it. Public Sleeping Day? That one is on February 28. It may seem strange, fun than the one on February 9. ____(50) of inventing a new holiday? If you do, then you will want to mark. That is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.

  A. Some people have fun imaging new holidays.

  B. That is supposed to be Toothache Day.

  C. Then begins the world’s biggest food fight.

  D. They bring him back to town, put a crown on his head and make days.

  E. Jokes are supposed to be funny, but these jokes do not make everything

  F. Some of the days people celebrate, however, are less serious.


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